The Network of Archaeological Museums of the provinces of Brescia, Cremona and Mantua has recently been established to highlight the extraordinary richness of the archaeological heritage of East Lombardy. It consists of 14 archaeological museums or museum sections, mostly publicly owned, which have signed an agreement to jointly develop projects for the territory. Through this Network, the public can experience an active approach to archaeological museums, understood not only as places of preservation of ancient objects, but also as cultural institutions that interact with society and are driven by a renewed educational mission. The Network's museums propose educational services, generally as educational courses and workshops, aimed specifically at primary and secondary school level students. These are designed under the supervision of the scientific staff of the museums and carried out by qualified personnel. Proposed themes are specially chosen to harmonize with curricular requirements. The Educational Services of the Network’s museums are also at the disposal of teachers, social workers and children’s entertainers for specific educational projects that may be developed with custom objectives and methods in mind.


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