castelleone esterno

 The museum, founded thanks to the local History and Archaeology Group, is hosted, together with the library, in the eighteenth-century Palazzo Brunenghi-Salvago. The exhibition documents the human history of the area from the Mesolithic to the Middle Ages. Particular emphasis is given to a set of artefacts collected by Carlo Bianchessi. Of interest are chipped stone tools from the Mesolithic age, attesting to the presence of hunter settlements on the terraces around the former bed of the Serio River, known as the Serio Morto. Among the various tools, such as scrapers, cutters and hooks, is a small triangular spear head. From the Neolithic are numerous polished stone axes that bear witness to the beginning of the progressive deforestation of the area. Isolated objects, such as flint arrowheads, testify to the early metal ages, while the Late Bronze Age is represented by the particular richness of the Régona Castelleone settlement. The surface collections and excavations by the Archaeological Superintendency have brought to light, along with abundant ceramics, numerous artefacts relating to various activities, such as metallurgy and weaving, in the settlement in the thirteenth century BC in the setting of the former course of the Serio River. From the Second Iron Age are interesting Celtic funerary items from Régona, but also from Corte Madama, and isolated precious items such as bronze or glass bracelets. The Roman period is represented by an extensive series of discoveries that testify to the presence of small settlements and rural villas, often accompanied by cemeteries, and arranged in a territory in which there are traces of centuriation and the important trade route between Cremona and Milan. Of particular note are funerary objects, such as those of the Necroploises of Corte Madama and the late-era Cassacavra tomb, and the remains of hobnailed boots, as well as of the small cemetery recently discovered at the Régona, of which a fascinating reconstruction is presented of tomb number 1.

Monday to Sunday: 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm, and every third Sunday of the month from 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm.
Numerous openings are planned for special exhibitions and events.

National public holidays and a scheduled two week period in the summer.
Numerous openings are planned for special exhibitions and events.

Free admission.


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